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We extract every morsel of crab meat in our BRCGS crab kitchen using a combination of nimble fingers and cutting-edge machinery to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Our Fresh Hand-Picked Crab Meat is celebrated for its sweet, delectable flavour, making it the ideal choice for crab salads and dishes where only the finest quality will do. However, our pasteurised and machine-extracted crab meats should not be overlooked. They also provide excellent flavour and an impressive shelf life, making them perfect for integrating into dishes with accompanying flavours. Whether in a hearty crab sandwich, a flavourful crab linguini, or delicious crab cakes, these options deliver great taste and versatility.

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Avocado filled with homemade mayo, crab meat and herbs
Salad with Crab meat on a kitchen table. White background.
A Seaside Superfood

Health Benefits

Devon crab is not only low in fat and high in protein, but it’s also packed with vitamins and omega-3, offering many essential nutrients your body loves. A healthy intake of omega-3 helps reduce the risk of heart disease and some forms of cancers.

Adding crab to your menu can tick off one of your two weekly seafood servings in a delicious way. Just one serving of our dressed crab will cover your omega-3 needs for the entire week. Plus, crab offers a bounty of other benefits:

  • It’s a fantastic source of copper, zinc, and selenium, which are key for maintaining good health.
  • Rich in vitamin B2, it supports energy levels and overall well-being.
  • A good source of protein and magnesium, crab is excellent for muscle health and energy.
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Introducing the Year of the Great British Crab Sandwich

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