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Crab fishing boat in Devon harbour

Discover our journey towards a sustainable future, ensuring a harmonious balance between industry needs and environmental stewardship.

At Blue Sea, our dedication to sustainability shapes every aspect of our operations. From pioneering humane treatment methods to actively reducing our carbon footprint, we’re committed to preserving the ocean’s bounty responsibly.

crab pots and ropes in Devon harbour
Our Commitment to

Sustainable Fishing

At Blue Sea, sustainability is our heritage and our future. We’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of the UK fishing industry, and our actions today are pivotal for tomorrow. Our collaboration with the Marine Conservation Society ensures every crab is rated for sustainability, and we base our reduced fishing efforts on science to safeguard the seas for future generations.

brown crabs being harvested on a fishing boat
fisherman driving boat
brown crab in tide pool
A beautiful view of a rocky coast with crab cages on it against an ocean with a boat on it
Championing the Welfare of

Marine Life

In the heart of every Blue Sea practice lies a deep respect for marine life. Recognising crabs as sentient beings, we’ve pioneered humane treatment methods. Our world-first commercial stunner revolutionises how crabs are treated, setting new standards in the industry. In partnership with the Shellfish Association of Great Britain and Defra, we’re developing best practices for crab welfare. Our approach is simple: treat every crab with the care and respect it deserves.

Navigating Towards

A Greener Horizon

Tackling climate change is a collective challenge, and at Blue Sea, we’re committed to a Net Zero future. We’re minimising resource use by prioritising reuse and recycling and are actively mapping and reducing our carbon footprint with Blue Marble.

We’re thrilled to share that through these dedicated efforts we have halved our carbon emissions over the past two years, a key step towards a healthier, more sustainable world.

aerial view of waves crashing against beach and red cliffs with boats along the sand in Devon
aerial view of Gloomy Old Harry Rocks in the fog
engraving of seaweed
engraving of a hermit crab
engraving of a hermit crab
engraving of seaweed
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Want to know more about our sustainability practices? View our Sustainability & Animal Welfare Policies or contact Blue Sea learn more about our commitment.

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