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Our Promise


Year-Round Supply at Agreed Prices

As the UK’s largest crab kitchen, we guarantee consistent supply and stable pricing for your menu cycles.


Trusted in the Supply Chain

We hold a BRCGS certification and are actively involved in crab sustainability projects throughout our supply chain.



We proudly offer a range of crab meats and value-added crab dishes that are designed to complement any menu.

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Your Crab Experts

Welcome to Blue Sea

The UK’s leading provider of sustainably sourced, high-quality crab products. Since 2004, our extensive range has offered everything from whole crabs to a variety of crab meats and easy-to-prepare dishes, all expertly prepared in the UK’s largest crab kitchen.

Sustainability in Every Catch

Our Accountability

Blue Sea champions sustainable fishing, animal welfare, and proactive climate change initiatives, ensuring ethical and environmentally responsible seafood practices. Discover our commitment to preserving marine life and promoting a greener future with every crab we catch.

Sustainable Fishing

Animal Welfare

Climate Change

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Our Crab

Explore Our Range

Discover our premium Devon Crab products, expertly prepared to offer the best in taste and quality. Our selection ranges from whole crabs to finely crafted crab meats, each ensuring a unique culinary experience. . Ideal for a variety of culinary needs, our crabs are a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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Blue Sea caters to wholesalers, independent eateries, chain restaurants and more. Contact us for tailored crab solutions to enhance your culinary offerings.

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Who We Serve

Blue Sea’s excellence in crab supply isn’t confined to just the UK and EU. Our Wild Bay brand is the leading supplier of whole crab in Asia, serving China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea. Our reach also extends to the USA and the Middle East, bringing the UK’s finest crab to global shores.

Get in touch to discuss how Blue Sea can elevate your offerings with our world-class crab.

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Introducing the Year of the Great British Crab Sandwich

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share some fantastic crab sandwich recipes. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram for all the updates.